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Hello guys ! 

I draw different creatures and characters (concept art, realistic portraits, fan art) and also anthros and mythical creatures. I attach importance to character's temper and to details, to interaction of characters and to their movements and actions. I will be glad to draw for you ! 

But, attention, i draw traditional art only. I use 2B graphite pencil, coloured pencils, watercolor, acrylic. There is advantage in traditional art: I can send you a digital version, and if you want I can send an original image :)

I don't draw: human portraits, architecture, environment, but I can partly include it in the painting. 

You can ask me questions via email or via correspondence. In working process I send some sketches and wip, so you can change something. Inasmuch as (as long as) it is not a digital art, I won't change the finished image. Changes should be timely. 

English is not my native language so please express your thoughts easier and simpler))
And si vous parlez français, vous pouvez m'écrire sans utiliser l'anglais parce que je le comprends mieux)

Русскоговорящим: связаться со мной вы также можете через группу (там же и контакты) в вк, пообщаться тоже буду рада)

Byf by SokolovaJu

для России рисую акварельные зарисовки-пейзажи-открытки (возможна тема космоса и абстрактного), но вся прелесть в них - в оригинале, а не оцифровке, поэтому вполне реально отправить серию таких рисунков (они формата 10*15 см) по почте)
landscapes #1 by SokolovaJu
thank you! :)